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The cuisines of Arunachal Pradesh vary across the state according to the availability of local ingredients and the food preparation methods particular to each tribe. Imagine a Monpa meal and thoughts of smoked morels, yak’s cheese and Thukpa (hand-rolled noodles) immediately start to tickle the senses. A typical lunch served in Dirang might also include mutton curry, fiery homemade chutney and garden fresh salad… Lip-smacking!

In Arunachal Pradesh, roughly 13% of the population are devotees of Tibetan Buddhism and are settled largely in the districts surrounding their spiritual center in Tawang. In Tibetan mythology, the Lungta is a creature which uses the pace of the wind and the might of a horse to carry prayers from Earth up to heaven. On an everyday level, the Lungta or ‘windhorse’ is associated with positive energy and often appears as… Read More

Cross the Brahmaputra River which separates Assam from Arunachal Pradesh and get ready to experience biodiversity on a scale seldom seen before. The road from Bhalukpong to Tawang starts at a sub-Himalayan elevation and snakes steadily upward through sub-tropical, temperate and alpine forests. It is India’s second highest motorable road and reaches a height of over 4000 meters where the habitat is above the tree line. Just as the climate varies with… Read More

Located in the extreme Northeast of India and sharing international borders with Myanmar, China and Bhutan, this frontier state cradled in the foothills of the Himalayas is slowly being opened up to visitors. All tourists who wish to enter this majestic region require a permit but with the formalities best taken care of by a local guide, a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience awaits.   Explorers of the great outdoors can do guided treks… Read More