The Crystalline Falls of Nuranang

We could hear the waterfall through the trees well before it came into view. A stairwell led us downward, our anticipation growing in unison with the rumbling that neared. We left the last landing and made our way across the shoulder of the riverbed strewn with boulders polished smooth by the waters of time.

Nuranang Beats Down

We stood before the falls, a thundering multi-tiered cascade spitting spray at us almost like a living thing; eerily tumbling, though rooted where it was, daring us not to be audacious, not to come too close.

Nuranang Falls Rock Pools

So we sat down a few yards back and hung our feet in the cold clear water.

Nuranang at the Riverbank

And we lingered at the bank of the Tawang River, watching the water ebb and curl and flow inexorably away.

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