Yak’s Cheese – Zesty Tastemaker

Did you know? Arunachal Pradesh is one of only four states in India which has yaks. The roughly 7000 animals are reared and herded by semi-nomadic Brokpas at altitudes above 2000 meters. In high alpine communities, the yak is a multipurpose animal of high economic significance delivering hide, dung, meat and milk.

Yak Post Collage

Cheese made from the raw milk of yaks grazing on verdant pastures dotted with herbs, roots and wildflowers is simply delicious. Sold in 500 gram bars and packed in a traditional leather pouch, a young yak’s cheese is semi-firm in consistency and tastes nutty and slightly spicy while a more mature one is rich and tangy and hence often chosen for cooking.

Bomdila Lunch at Lungta Res

If you are in Bomdila and wish to sample dishes in which yak’s cheese plays a starring role then head over to Lungta Residency. If he has time, the very friendly owner will even cook for you personally. Our tips: (L) local river fish with garden fresh vegetables and (R) chicken and young potatoes with green chillies – Both prepared with that heavenly cheese!

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