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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Across Arunachal Pradesh, women practice traditional methods of weaving and textile production in home industry with great dexterity. A means of expressing and preserving their tribal identity, skills are passed from one generation to the next with care and enthusiasm; and the results are as varied and enchanting as the colours of a rainbow. In West Kameng district, the tribal dress worn by Monpa ladies includes the ‘shingka’, a light red sleeveless… Read More

My home in Bomdila is perched on a steep hillock that overlooks an entire valley. There is a small door in the stairway which when swung open lets the grandeur of the panorama beyond rush into view. Cloud vapour materialises, rolls and floats ethereally upward. Lungta prayer flags flutter between evergreens that stud the mountainside and tidy rows of potted azaleas, snapdragons and orchids bloom in welcome. At the bottom of the… Read More