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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The greatest culinary gift of the streams, pastures and forests of Arunachal Pradesh is an abundance of fresh produce. The Monpa people of West Kameng district live in close connection with nature and have a deep knowledge of both farmed crops and wild edible food resources. Being non-vegetarian, the meat of both wild and domesticated animals like fish, yak and chicken is also used in the preparation of traditional Monpa cuisine. The… Read More

Imagine an alpine valley flanked by a patchwork of woodland and meadow where silence is broken only by the gurgle of a nearby river, the maw of grazing cattle and the bluster of the wind. Here, ancient trees raise their gnarled branches skyward and rough stone walls speckled with furry green moss line the fringe of the forest. Here, houses snuggle on either side of the meandering silver stream, their roofs uncluttered… Read More

Perched on a small plateau carved out of the mountainside, medieval Kastong Monastery stands watch over the gateway to West Kameng. The intricate and beautifully maintained sambu which adorn doorframes, window encasements and even entire ceilings at this revered sacred site are reason alone to visit. But it is also from this unique vantage point, that the most breathtaking panoptic views of Dirang village and the surrounding valleys can be taken in…. Read More

Amid sweeping views of pine-clad mountains and glacier-blue skies, the road from Dirang to Tawang climbed steadily upward away from civilization. After several switchbacks, a small grey milestone pointed to a steep and bumpy track which we followed at foot speed for several minutes until Nyukmadung village came into sight. The rough road ended, lest cars break the magical atmosphere of backwoods simplicity, swaying grain fields strewn with flowers and picturesque stone… Read More