The Chug Valley – Otherworldly

Imagine an alpine valley flanked by a patchwork of woodland and meadow where silence is broken only by the gurgle of a nearby river, the maw of grazing cattle and the bluster of the wind.

Here, ancient trees raise their gnarled branches skyward and rough stone walls speckled with furry green moss line the fringe of the forest.

Here, houses snuggle on either side of the meandering silver stream, their roofs uncluttered by satellite dishes or antennae. And here, village folk go about husking rice, yarning thread and washing clothes at the water point as they have done for generations.

This scene of serenity is not from yesteryear. Rather, the talk is of Chug Valley, a largely unknown oasis of peace which is home to the Duhumbi people of the Monpa tribe. Since 2013, a 10 kilometre long rough road connects the still unspoiled hamlet with Dirang. But given the natural propensity of roads to draw the inquisitive hither, inexorably, change will come to this otherworldly sliver of paradise.

Chug Valley 2

Chug Valley 3

Chug Valley 4

Chug Valley 5

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