Monpa Home Cooking – Marvellous Mouthfuls

The greatest culinary gift of the streams, pastures and forests of Arunachal Pradesh is an abundance of fresh produce.

The Monpa people of West Kameng district live in close connection with nature and have a deep knowledge of both farmed crops and wild edible food resources. Being non-vegetarian, the meat of both wild and domesticated animals like fish, yak and chicken is also used in the preparation of traditional Monpa cuisine.

The highly nutritious ethnic dishes found on Monpa tables in Dirang might include fried river fish, chicken braised in a mixture of aromatic herbs and Thukpa seasoned with semi-fermented yak’s cheese… Guaranteed to thrill with its velvety texture and tantalizing flavour!

Copy of Dirang Delicacies 1

One Comment on “Monpa Home Cooking – Marvellous Mouthfuls

  1. This looks just so fabulous. Looking forward to eating things like this next week when I’m in Arunachal. You might also want to tell us about Khura and Zan.

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