Chillipam Gompa – Lucent Beacon

Located 15 kilometres from Rupa village in West Kameng District, the Sang-Ngag Choekar Dargyeling Monastery is built on a promontory which offers spectacular 270 degree views of the surrounding Eastern Himalayan valleys. More commonly known as Chillipam Gompa, the secluded sanctuary is adorned with some of the region’s most magnificent Buddhist art.

Rupa Chilipam 2

It was an afternoon in late April and staccatos of fat raindrops plunked on our windscreen as we wound our way up to the sacred citadel. But as is possible in every alpine setting, a sudden shift in the wind dispersed the dark canopy and a window of fresh blue sky opened over us.

Rupa Chilipam 3

Sensing the sunny spell would not last too long, we made our way up to the entrance and craned our necks to gaze at the eight auspicious signs of Tibetan Buddhism which graced the plafond.

Rupa Chilipam 4

Walking clockwise to our right, we then followed another stairway up to the viewing platform where the sun continued to play hide and seek with puffs of shredded cloud.

Beautiful. Remote. Wild. Such was the awe-inspiring view that unfolded before us.

Yet words cannot justly convey the bombastic grandeur of this place. One really must go and experience it!

Rupa Chilipam 360

One Comment on “Chillipam Gompa – Lucent Beacon

  1. This looks lovely! Google maps shows a place called Zangdokpalri Monastery at roughly this distance from Rupa village, as you go towards Chillipam village. Is that the same?

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