Bridges Over the River Siang

The Siang River has its source on the Tibetan plateau and enters Arunachal Pradesh in Upper Siang District. Its valleys and tributaries are home to the inventive Adi tribe whose villages are sometimes connected by hanging bridges that span the mighty waterway. Several of these remarkable architectural achievements can be found along the 110 kilometer route from Pasighat to Boleng.

Suspended by cables up to 70 meters in length and with a deck made of bamboo, the narrow lattice is held aloft by a few wires and sways perceptibly in the wind. Crossing over one can be a thrill but may leave the meek white-knuckled at the very least!

Pasighat Hanging Bridge 2

The Siang River offers lovers of the great outdoors ample opportunity for wilderness expeditions and adventure sports like river rafting, angling, and trekking. For those who simply wish to witness the raw unbridled beauty of the river, so-called Bridge 65 is located 16 kilometers northeast of Boleng village and crosses the Siang at Dite Dime.

Pasighat Siang Bridge 65

From this vantage point one can see the channels cut through layer after layer of rock by the river at different water levels as it ebbs and curls and flows inexorably downstream. The Siang eventually converges with the Lohit, and these two rivers of Arunachal Pradesh become part of the great Brahmaputra in Assam.

Pasighat Siang Bridge 651

Pasighat Siang Bridge 652

Pasighat Siang River

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