Bomdila Cuisine – Fish Steamed in Banana Leaf

Think of bananas and tropical images may first spring to mind. But bananas also grow in Bomdila, at an altitude of 2200 meters, and cooks here have devised a clever way of using their huge leaves. These have a light grassy scent and cooking food wrapped in fresh banana leaves infuses it with some of that subtle flavor while sealing in delicious juices. There is no fat added making this a very healthy means of food preparation.

INGREDIENTS (2 servings)

2 firm-fleshed fish fillets (pictured is an indigenous river fish called Rohu)
1 small tomato, skinned and sliced
1 small red onion, sliced
Green chilies to taste, sliced
Salt to taste


Place the fish filets in a bowl. Add sliced tomato, onion, chilies and salt. Mix well and set aside for 10 minutes.

Cut the banana leaf down the middle and, using one half of it, square off the ends. Wash in cold running water. Bring water to boil in a momo steamer.

Spoon the fish mixture onto the banana leaf and carefully fold it into a parcel. Place the parcel onto the rack in the momo steamer. Cover and steam until the fish is done, around 10-15 minutes, and serve with rice and sautéed vegetables.

Just follow these simple steps!

Just follow these simple steps!

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