Discover Arunachal Pradesh


In the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, surrounded by the sun, clouds and earth, there is a sense of calm; calm that the eyes can see, the body can feel and the mind can transcend. This image of Sangti Valley holds secrets, secrets that unravel themselves a little more each time I look and recollect the feeling of transcendence I feel amidst these mountains. Like the best love affairs, the best trips… Read More

The craft of cheesemaking came to Arunachal Pradesh together with Tibetan Buddhist culture over 2000 years ago. Nomadic herdsmen once stored milk in animal skin bags where it was allowed to ferment, a step in the process which remains very similar today. Raw cow’s milk from animals that graze on pristine pastures and the seasoned hands of cowherds or Brokpas are all that go into the making of ‘Moo Chura’, the ultimate… Read More

In Arunachal Pradesh, there is a strong connection between people, the land and the bounty it provides. In the absence of wide scale commercial farming and supermarkets, it is common to grow some hand-planted produce in one’s own back yard. And wild-harvested foods are plentiful too – without being considered exotic. Here, going to the forest to pick some naturally growing greens is like tapping into any other food source. Coming back… Read More

This majestic view, captured on the road to Tawang just after crossing Sela Pass, filled me with longing for mountains I had not yet seen. The same zephyr in the sky which played with the shape of the clouds had kindled my Sehnsucht irreversibly. And at that moment I knew that I would not get over the pull I felt to this place. I would be returning.

We could hear the waterfall through the trees well before it came into view. A stairwell led us downward, our anticipation growing in unison with the rumbling that neared. We left the last landing and made our way across the shoulder of the riverbed strewn with boulders polished smooth by the waters of time. We stood before the falls, a thundering multi-tiered cascade spitting spray at us almost like a living thing;… Read More

On the road which winds its way upward from Sissa village, a waterfall suddenly emerges from a narrow opening in the ravine looming to the left. The lucent stream flows like the veil of a wanton angel, caressing a hundred meters of rock face before gliding into a pool below. Hidden from view both before and after that one particular bend, it pays to make one’s way more slowly so as not… Read More

Located in the extreme Northeast of India and sharing international borders with Myanmar, China and Bhutan, this frontier state cradled in the foothills of the Himalayas is slowly being opened up to visitors. All tourists who wish to enter this majestic region require a permit but with the formalities best taken care of by a local guide, a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience awaits.   Explorers of the great outdoors can do guided treks… Read More